Sound is a scary thing. It has two sides- on one end, it allows us to hear each other and communicate. On the contrary, it allows other things to hear us. Sometimes, those other things are beings that you don’t want to be heard by. The things in the night- for that is what people call them, they have no names- are such kinds of beings.

Indeed, these creatures operate almost entirely on the sound around them. Though they have a sense of smell it is not strong, and sight is a blessing most creatures take for granted. Everything around them exists through sound and little else. They have no perception of lights nor shapes. These beings that come out in the dark don’t do it to hide themselves; they do it because it’s when their prey is most vulnerable.

Surprising no one, these creatures only appeared after The Occurrence, and their prey is predominantly humans. When no humans can be found, they will travel for hundreds of miles to find one, and they will hunt them until they are dead. The things in the night have no sense of weariness, even when their bodies rack with hunger pains.

For that is the case for a certain group of these creatures. Not haven eaten in several weeks, these already violent creatures had been pushed to the limits they could take. Their territory had been hunted dry many weeks ago, and not a sound was heard there since. Desperate for food, the pack ventured further north from the command of their Night Mother. Her ears where the sharpest of all, and her pack all yielded to her authority. Though these beings did not fear death, none were overly found of being the pack’s unwilling next meal.

And so they went north in search of their prey. Any creatures they came across they instantly devoured, but the small meals only sustained them. Driven by hunger, the creatures became more and more bloodthirsty, slaughtering any animal that crossed the pack’s path. A wake of death followed in their steps as they approached the northern cities.

One night, on the outskirts of a large city, the Night Mother finally heard the sound of their prey. The pack, almost driven mad by hunger, howled with excitement and awaited their command to be released to hunt.

Said command came quickly; once prey was finally tracked, little could stop the pack from hunting. For they had waited so very, very long.